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Now's the time to stop by on the side of the road and look back. It helps to realize the path taken, check how far we go, take a deep breath and get back on our bikes (yeah, some of us are gravel bike riders, how mainstream).

2022 has been a big, big year for and the Wrapped (for some reason, "Rewind" was taken) is always exciting as we share more insider things... Here we go.

Numbers. Numbers everywhere.

Everyone loves them. Most of the time, our accountant or a Finance team, sure. But this time, you'll love them as much as we do.

  • 25 000 documentation changes

This is something we are really proud of. From the typo fixes to the full V2s. From the simple test which becomes a popular open-source project. From the smallest to the biggest team. Every single change is a concrete proof that lives. And that's all thanks to you.

  • €4.000.000 (not a cash prize, sorry)

We raised “some” money to make grow. That means more people joining the team, more (good) features and support more specifications.

  • 3 new teammates

That may sound a bit low but when you're jumping from 5 to 8, it's almost like the team won 50% new people (never said I'm good at maths). And we already have more great people joining soon...

  • 3 important initiatives covered

This year, we sponsored OpenAPI, AsyncAPI and OpenAPI generator. We felt that was the right thing to do: support these great communities.

  • 1 event covered

This is the first time for us. We participated in our very first event in Paris: apidays. x apidays Paris 2022

  • 40

Sébastien Charrier, Bump's CEO, jumped into his 40th year with a revolutionary mindset: "I've reached an age of knowledge and wisdom." So now, he wears glasses and pretends to have found a "new vision" for the company. Thanks to our strict puns policy, he has been muted on Slack for 14 days.

Powered-up features

Despite the popular rumor, we haven't spent the past year playing games (and using our best investigation talents on Geoguessr). The team worked hard to help you make the most of your API documentation. Here's a quick glimpse at the major features released.

Organization Support and Access Management

Working with APIs is like having a barbecue or hiking in the mountains : it's always better with friends. We introduced Organizations, to gather people around your documentation and hubs. And we added an extra layer of Access Management, to ensure that the right people can access what they really need. Invite your teammates or your partners, manage their roles and access just in a few clicks.

Search is not just an improvement: it was absolutely necessary. This year, we deployed our search engine, making navigation through documentation and hubs more comfortable. We have a lot more to come on search so stay tuned!

Specification & Documentation Support

We aim to fully support OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications. To reach this goal, we added some important updates last year. We started with a complete redesign of the Changelog, giving a clearer view of what changed inside your API. We also now display correctly multi-types properties in your documentation. And finally the most famous Polyphormism also known as anyOf/oneOf or discriminator.


Want to keep the previous versions of your documentation? Or maybe you prefer to split the production version and the staging one? We got you covered with Branching: one documentation, several versions.


You wanted to make Bump more integrated with your tools and workflow, we got that (even if our dashboard has been made with love, it’s ok). So we added Webhooks, they'll help you get notifications and build/update anything when one of your API changes.


YOU wrote those APIs. It's YOURS. And like Da Vinci, you want to sign that masterpiece, make it your own. We understand, that API Documentation deserves to shine bright like a diamond. So we added many customization options to help you with that, like the Automated Image Generation. And more importantly : COLORS.

The Team

As said before, the team grew up last year :

  • I, Jay, your humble servant writing this blog post as a Developer Experience Engineer. A very long job title to tell that I'm here to take care of our users and community.
  • Christophe Dujarric, our Head of Product Marketing who worked before at, and SensioLabs. He may have a thing or two for Symfony.
  • Louise Loiseau started to relieve the cofounders from the HR (and all this office stuff that we know nothing about). Thanks to her, we can now take some time off! Woohoo!

And we are HIRING! Open positions! Come join us!

We kept the trimestrial IRL tradition with 4 cities in France visited this year and lots of memories. We escaped a locked cube, ate meals mostly cooked with beers, rafted through a raging river, almost slept outside in the middle of a soccer game celebration and made tons of cookies. IRL team images


We hold a team meeting every week where we draw a cliff and then take a picture. They told me they were speaking of many other things but I focus on the drawing part. And every year, we share our gorgeous works of art with the world (also available on Displate).

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