Our mission is to help developers work together to create better API ecosystems.

At Bump.sh, we are fixing an issue that we have met for years. It's not a technical issue. It's a human one: in a decentralized world, people synchronization is hard. We want to help teams, by providing the API tools they need. The tools we all need.

Meet the team

We are a small team with big ambitions.

Sébastien Charrier


Sébastien is 42 years old. He has been a developer for 20 years and worked in multiple companies. He had the idea behind Bump.sh during his last job, when fully rewriting the payment API at Capitaine Train.

He is also known to be a dad, a public speaker and a viola player.

Paul Monseu - de Bodinat

Backend engineer

Paul is a 38 year old engineer and web developer, who went through many experiences, from industrial marketing to wind turbine startup, from mathematics professor to civil engineering…
Besides Bump.sh, he's learning how to be a dad 👨‍👩‍👧 and building his house 🏡 at the same time.

Thimy Kieu

Front-End Engineer

As a developer who loves design, it seemed natural for Thimy to choose front-end development. She used to work with Sébastien and Paul B. at Capitaine Train, and Bump.sh desire for diversity definitely encouraged her to join the company. On her free time she draws 🎨, bakes cookies 🍪 and cuddles her dog, Juna. 🐕.

Paul Bonaud

Backend & Infrastructure engineer

Paulr is a software developer with lots of interests in infrastructure related systems. He really appreciates to improve development workflows by empowering automation & continuous delivery. He also loves open source, open contributions and loves to flatten learning curves by focusing on simplicity.

AFK? He is a rock climber and cyclist.

Jay Cormier

Developer Experience Engineer

Jay has been working in Support for more than a decade. From Apple to Capitaine Train (where he met and worked with Sébastien, Paul, and Thimy) or Front, he then joined Le Wagon’s coding Bootcamp. Jay has two main hobbies: helping people and playing games. When he’s not rolling dice, you can find him online, probably playing… a healer.

Christophe Dujarric

Head of Product Marketing

Chris has been working on designing and bringing solutions to life since more than 15 years (a.k.a. "product management"). Hopefully those solutions (lately Blackfire.io) solved actual user problems. Accidentally most leveraged software 👍.

When you don't find him chatting with a customer, there's a chance he's making soap, brewing beer, practicing self-defense, growing tomatoes or gravel cycling.

Florent Braure

Head of Engineering

Florent spent the last 15 years in Aeronautic Software Development, making sure that the Entertainment Systems work (nobody would survive a 13 hours flight without watching again any season of Friends in Finnish subtitled).

Yoan Gross

Product Manager & Product Designer

Yoan is a magician who likes to make user's lives easier by listening to them, and turning their problems into rectangles and circles (aka solutions).

When he's not behind his computer, he's probably hiking in the wild with a camera, looking for birds.

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