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Perfect for your personal and public projects.

  • Unlimited public API docs
  • Unlimited deploys
  • OpenAPI & AsyncAPI Support
  • Single-user
  • CI integration
  • Branches management
  • Custom domains & branding
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Publish public, partner and private API docs. Scale with your usage.

  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • 10 private API docs included
  • 1 Hub
  • Unlimited internal users
  • 50 guests included
  • Automatic changelog
  • Slack integration & Webhooks
  • Access Management
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Many docs or special needs? We'll provide a tailored plan just for you.

  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Custom number of private API docs
  • Custom number of Hubs
  • Custom number of guests
  • Remove branding
  • Custom URL under your root domain
  • Advanced custom styles
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
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Frequently asked questions

What are "internal users" and "guests"? lets you share your API docs publicly or privately.

Privately shared docs require users to log in. Users who belong to your company are considered "internal users", customers or business partners, belonging to another company, and are considered "guests". Our paid subscription plans let you have unlimited internal users without any additional cost. Guests with who you share your docs privately require a plan upgrade beyond 50 persons on the Standard plan. Contact us to learn more.

What is a "Custom URL" compared to a "Custom Domain"? offers the support of custom domains from the free plan. The custom domain setting refers to using a "sub-domain" and will typically look like when your main site is hosted at This involves using CNAME records (check our docs to learn more).

You can use your own proxy to forward the requests to servers, allowing your users to access your API documentation within the same domain as your main site. This feature is accessible only to our Business plan users.

What is "Branches Management"?

Branches relate to Git branches, offering the same flexibility. Depending on how you publish API docs, that can be for differentiating API versions or production or development branches.

What is "Access Management"? lets you publish public, private, and partner API documentation. For private and partner API docs, our access management features let you invite internal or external guests to view, edit, or create docs with granular rights management.

Can I connect multiple SSOs to

We're happy to dig into your use case and support you with this. Just so you know, this may require you to have multiple subscriptions. Reach out to us, and let's have a chat.

How long does it take to install

You can deploy your first contract in seconds and have a full working installation in less than 5 minutes.

How far can I customize my docs' branding, look, and feel?

Starting from our free plan, you can customize your API documentation site's colors, logo, favicon, and meta image (which appears when you share a link to your docs on social media, for instance).

In our Business plan, our team of Designers can assist you with further customization, including advanced color styling, using different fonts, etc. Contact us, and let's chat about your needs.

Can I change my plan later? Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. And yes.

Are the prices the same worldwide?

Yes. You will be charged in US dollars at the same price. We may charge you additional taxes according to your country's legislation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept American Express, Mastercard, and Visa credit & debit cards. Payments are processed by Stripe.

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