Blog Meet us at the apidays Paris 2022!

Meet us at the apidays Paris 2022!

It’s getting colder. Scarves and caps are out of the drawer where they spent the last year. And we may have a small surprise if you need some extra warmth.

Like Elves for Christmas, the Bump team has been working very hard in our secret workshops all over the world (ok, France mostly), all year long. We are raising our heads above our keyboards and starting to share this holiday feeling in the air.

After a year building the platform developers need to make the most of their API ecosystems, the time has come for us to meet you and talk about APIs and the future.

And we found the perfect place for this: apidays

apidays 2022 Paris

This year is a bit special for this very popular event: apidays Conference Series will celebrate their 10th birthday in Paris, from December 14th to December 16th!

If you are an API enthusiast and want to meet others like you, this is the party you don’t want to miss. Some super cool speakers and great talks covering topics from API business to the latest technologies “à la mode”.

200 speakers, on 8 stages, during 3 days (yeah, ALMOST like Coachella). And introducing…

Let’s talk about API schemas

API schemas have been around for a long time: the first SOAP APIs already had XML schemas 25 years ago. Then, the REST era made us forget why it was worthwhile. For years, we built thousands of APIs relying on manually written API documentation and we dealt with it. With API's exponential growth and the flourishing mix of APIs technologies, it's time to reconsider how we build our ecosystems. And guess what? We had a clue all along.

Look at this teaser.

Sébastien Charrier, Bump’s CEO, will be on stage (Thursday, 1:40 p.m., stage 5, be there) and has already prepared one of his favorite topics: API schemas: the backbone of future-proof API ecosystems.

Unfortunately, despite public expectations, we won’t be able to present Bump on Ice this year.

That’s not all folks!

You guessed right: the entire Bump team will be cheering in the audience. And an idea leading to another, we thought it would be fantastic to meet everyone in the API community and beyond.

We will have our own booth too, with everyone on deck. We cannot wait to meet people and discuss APIs, ecosystems, technical decisions, architecture thoughts, expectations, pain points, dream features…

Please come chat with us! That will be a great excuse to get some free goodies (we have prepared some surprises just for you).

Don’t have a ticket yet? Get yours now. Maybe already a user? We have some free passes we can give you, reach out to us! ;)

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