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Bump 2021 rewind

What a year folks! It is not without emotions that we are writing these lines.

2021 for sure was a strange year for everyone but it also brought us amazing things at Bump, and we are very grateful.

The Bump 2021 year in figures

  • We have tripled our active users, thank you all!
  • Over 7,000 documentation have been deployed on Bump
  • The size of the Bump team has doubled: from 3 to 6 people this year, and hopefully many more next year.
  • 2,800 automatic deployments (40% via our GitHub-Action, 60% via our CLI)


As developers who have been working on APIs for many years, we have a strong belief that one of the main problem occurring in APIs lifecycles is the communication around them, which is a human problem.

API contracts are the cornerstone of APIs and our mission is to help people collaborate and communicate around them. We deeply think that documentation, and any changes that could impact you, have to be up-to-date and accessible to everyone involved and that is what we are trying to do.

Product enhancement this year

We worked hard this year to bring the product where our vision drives us.

API documentation

An even better documentation experience for Swagger, OpenAPI, AsyncAPI allowing you to add your branding, markdown and much more to help you showcase your API to your users. For example, your documentation are now mobile friendly, have full markdown support, a sharing feature allowing you to share any piece of information in your documentation with just a click and support darkmode rendering.

API Change management

API changelog with diff summary and a very clear visual diff are available inside your documentation. On top of being able to be notified by Slack, you can now subscribe to changes by email, via RSS, or directly display API diff summaries during your development review process in a GitHub pull request comment.

API Hubs

Gather all your documentation into a hub whether it is public, private or for partners and see what has changed thanks to the unified hub changelog. Check it out on our Demo hub.

Team management (coming soon)

Long time requested feature by our large organization clients, the team management feature, as you might guess, enable people to easily collaborate within a team, whether they are part of your organization or not. For now in beta for few of our users, the feature will be available to everyone soon.


This year we decided to implement the Shape up method from Basecamp in our product management and it has been great so far. (If you are not aware of it, here is the Basecamp presentation)

Each week, when we meet with the team, we draw a hill and every team member places a pin where they think they are in their current projects.

As wannabe artists, things went a bit out of control, and each hill became an excuse to make 12 hands unique masterpieces! 😅

The good part is that we did a screenshot of every piece, weeks after weeks, and we are happy to share the result with you folks:

What we have done so far is really promising and seeing more and more users every day tells us that we are on the right track. We can’t wait to share our projects for 2022 with you and we hope you will be as excited as we are.

We wish everyone a happy new year! 💙

The Bump team

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