Blog Bump News July 2021

Bump News July 2021

Here it comes, our fifth monthly changelog! 🎉 We are happy to share with you all the subjects we have been working on this past month. From product enhancements to new features, we are quite thrilled to show you what we came up with.

Preview your documentation in a matter of seconds

Want to have a glimpse of how your API would look like using Bump? It is now possible to generate a Bump documentation directly from a URL pointing at your file, or by using the preview command of the Bump CLI. You can try it now on our homepage.

Bump documentation preview

Download source

We've made it easy for API consumers to download the source of an API documentation. Whether you want to get your hands on a JSON or YAML format, you're now just a click away.

Bump download API Documentation source

Markdown support

As markdown is a standard and a common way to bring more readability into your documentation, we have made some improvements on markdown support and bring new features to help you create fast and beautiful API documentation.

Standard Markdown support

We enhanced the support of standard markdown by adding to the existing ones: highlighting, strike-through, and footnotes. Respectively used with the syntax ==highlight==, ~~strikethrough~~, and footnote[^1] (together with another line [^1]: description of footnote).

Information call-outs support

Bump also support information call-outs with the quote markdown syntax. It is a great way for you to highlight important pieces of information within your documentation. If the first line of a markdown quote is one of the keyword info, warn, success or error then we will render a nice looking informative call-out that stands out in your documentation.

Bump call-outs support Looking great both in light and dark mode 🌗

Language color syntax highlighting

Bump now enables you to have better readability of code blocks by automatically highlighting language color syntax.

Want to know more about markdown support? You can go deeper in our dedicated help page.

Changelog email digest

In API documentation, changelogs are important, and your API consumers need to stay up-to-date on recent changes. It's now possible for them to subscribe by email to your API changelog: they will receive a summary of the changelog every week in their mailbox! Want to see it in action on Bump API documentation? See it live

Bump changelog email digest

Bump Diff

The new command will output a quick summary of what has changed between your latest deployed API contract and the file you have changed locally. If you use GitHub Actions to launch your automation workflows, we have some more good news for you: we now offer a stable bump-sh/github-action@v1 action. And this latest release includes an automatic API diff summary pushed as a comment for each pull request which modifies your API contract.

Learn more about it and why we believe it's a key feature for creating APIs with the “design-first” approach in our dedicated blog post.

Bump CLI

We have pushed the last version of our legacy Ruby CLI (0.8.0). The goal of this new version is to add a deprecation warning as we won't maintain it anymore. It will also inform our current users, which are still using it, of the availability of our new CLI and invite them to migrate to it.

That's all folks, hope you will enjoy it. As always, do not hesitate if you have any remarks or questions.

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