Blog Sponsoring OpenAPI, OpenAPI Generator and AsyncAPI

Sponsoring OpenAPI, OpenAPI Generator and AsyncAPI

Before telling you about the great news, it made sense for us to give you some context. Hang on, anyhow we spoiled it with the post title. And feel free to react to this post by reaching out to us!

We love Open Source

Open Source keeps on growing. Brilliant people at Redhat could tell you the market share of companies who rely on or will rely more on Open Source Software.

One thing we know for sure: Open Source flows in’s blood. Our technology is based on amazing frameworks and libraries such as Ruby on Rails, Stimulus, Tailwindcss, and more. Our CLI and our Github-Action are Open Source.

In the same vein, it of course makes sense for us to support any Open Source project with a free subscription.

We love Open Source, and of course even more when it’s related to API technologies.

Our vision regarding OpenAPI & AsyncAPI

In the world of REST APIs, OpenAPI’s standard made it to the top from Swagger and even against strong technologies such as RAML, and Blueprint. At the same time, we are seeing AsyncAPI becoming its alter-ego for event-driven APIs.

We believe that the cornerstone of APIs lies in such specifications. Those are key to uniting humans and uniting tools in ever-complexifying architectures. Vendors also have an essential role to play in driving the future of those specifications in the right direction thanks to their expertise, as well as making sure that they offer appropriate, up-to-date support for it. is committed to this community effort, and we want to show it more and more in the coming months and years.

Sponsoring is not just money

Dedicated community members work hours, days, months, and years on improving software that will be used by the masses, very often in commercial projects. Now their time is never free, even though they’re not asking for anything. Open Source and monetization aren’t antonyms, of course. Still, the first low-hanging fruit to support Open Source communities is financing. Today we’re proud to sponsor:

  • The OpenAPI Initiative
  • The AsyncAPI Initiative
  • OpenAPI Generator

Now sponsoring is not just about giving money. It is a commitment to communities. Beyond the financial aspect, we’re always looking for additional ways to support.

Where our current contribution in code is limited, as we focus on developing, much of our vision is about fostering good practices in API development and evangelizing using the appropriate, robust standards.

Without spoiling, as we’re currently working on bigger plans, we’re also thinking of additional developer advocacy that we want all communities to benefit from (by the way, we’re hiring).

Our arms are open

We’re far from being done with the topic. We will be looking for further ways to contribute to OSS and communities. At the same time, if you have ideas you would like to submit and discuss with us, we’d love to chat!

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