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Last Semester at

Last semester was a busy one at We released major features, smaller ones and prepared the field to more to come. Team has grown too (by the way, we’re hiring!) and we aim to many more to come.

We thought it could be great to share with you, in case you missed it, what we have done since the beginning of the year.


We released Branching, a great way to host several versions of an API specification on the same documentation. Need to release the V2 but some users may still use V1? Or to maintain production/development versions? Branching makes it smooth and easy.

Learn more about branching on our dedicated help page.

Longly awaited, our Search Engine helps looking through your documentation quickly and efficiently. It will search in your documentation, hubs, and even your API structure: properties, objects, endpoints… sorting results by their type to save you some time. We plan to improve this feature in the future, like with advanced filters, so stay tuned!

Multi-types for properties

Making your documentation easier to read, we now display all available types on properties in OpenAPI and AsyncAPI documentation.


Webhooks are now available in your dashboard. They help you receive notifications in your internal tools and workflows for any changes in your API structure each time they are detected in your schema. With that, you can build and automate anything from notifying people to re-generating your whole SDKs. Sweet.

Discover how to setup webhooks on our help page.

Organizations Support

We greatly improved the way you can manage access to your documentation and hubs.

Organizations are great to invite your teammates or partners to work with your API: 3 different roles are available to customize rights and privileges for everyone. You can even invite guests with read-only access.

We are actively working on some big changes around documentation access and would like to get your feedback on the feature in its current state. We would love to hear how you would like to see access management in Bump: feel free to reach us (our chat tool in the bottom-right corner is great for this), we’ll be listening.

Find out more on our dedicated help page.


Introducing one of the biggest updates to Bump yet: Customization. You read that right. You can now change the primary color of your documentation to make it shine more than ever. Or make it match your logo/company brand!

We even added a short preview to help you find the best tone and ensure that you'll keep in mind how it will look in dark mode too.

And you can now upload your own social media image or leave the work to us to generate a nice one. Sharing your documentation link on social networks will now display your own visual, making it more appealing.

To know more about it, head to our dedicated help page.

And more to come…

We’re just scratching the surface: we have many, many plans for Bump’s future and we couldn’t wait to start working on them. Building great things needs great people and, you may haven’t heard of it yet, we’re actively hiring for the team.

We will come back very soon with great news, and more features to announce.

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