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AsyncAPI has become the standard for asynchronous APIs and Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and is compatible with many protocols like Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT, AMQP, etc. helps you publish documentation for your entire API ecosystem.

AsyncAPI spec? We got you.

Starting from AsyncAPI 2.0, your definition can be published with in a few seconds. We automatically recognize its format and version, and create the documentation for your Event-Driven Architecture needs.

AsyncAPI versions supported
AsyncAPI generated example illustration

Generated examples displays examples from your API definitions directly in your documentation, with a clear and efficient view. If you don’t have any written by your team, we automatically generate examples from your API schema. knows how to work with JSON Schema… and soon with Avro Schema too.


With references, you can reuse your schemas across all your API specs. References are fully integrated to, resolved in the same file, on a file system or from distant URLs. Following JSON schema integration to AsyncAPI, recognizes and resolves them, instantly. references support illustration AsyncAPI bindings support illustration


Bindings are an essential part of AsyncAPI and are fully supported by, regardless of their level. Your protocol-specific settings are displayed at the right place, at the right time.

Enrich your doc

Thanks to Markdown support, your documentation can become more user-friendly and share the context they need to get on track quickly. Add a getting-started introduction, highlight important parts or elements you do not want your community to miss... The choice is yours. markdown support illustration CI integration illustration

Automatically updated

Sync your code with our CI integration and keep your documentation always up-to-date. You won’t need to worry anymore about obsolete documentation.

Push your API spec to the next level

  • Team collaboration is way easier with different access levels, opening your API to the world or keeping it internally.
  • GitHub integration helps with designing your API with your team.
  • Group your documentation within hubs to make them more accessible.
  • Get notifications when breaking changes are automatically detected… and much, much more.

Preview your documentation using a Swagger, OpenAPI or AsyncAPI file.

Try it with an OpenAPI or an AsyncAPI example.

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With we can provide a clean and modern documentation to Exoscale's OpenAPI endpoints.
Getting it integrated in our pipeline was a breeze, highly recommended.

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