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an API change again.

Bump intelligently identifies any structure change inside your API definition. Synchronizing API creators and consumers has never been easier.

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Automatic API changelog

API consumers need to keep track of changes when using them. Bump will automatically build a changelog for your API and notify changes via Slack, email or good old RSS.

Catch breaking changes before they happen

As can identify your API changes, it also knows how to identify breaking ones: removing a property, changing a type, evolving a security requirement or any change that can break your API consumers' code is automatically detected. And notified. documentation documentation

Your API design reviews, directly from GitHub

Use an interface you already know: Bump automatically summarizes API changes inside your GitHub pull requests so you can discuss them where it matters.

Preview your documentation using a Swagger, OpenAPI or AsyncAPI file.

Try it with an OpenAPI or an AsyncAPI example.

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With Bump we can provide a clean and modern documentation to Exoscale's OpenAPI endpoints.
Getting it integrated in our pipeline was a breeze, highly recommended.

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Antoine Coetsier

COO & Co-founder, Exoscale

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